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Papers published in national and international journals


1. Emamifar, A. M. Kadivar  M. Shahedi and S. Solimanian-Zad. 2012.  Effect of Nanocomposite  Packaging Containing Ag and Zno on Reducing Pasteurization Temperature of Orange Juice. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation. V. 36, No. 2, Pp: 104–112.         

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3. Emamifar A., M. Kadivar, M. Shahedi and S. Soleimanian-Zad.2011. Effect of nanocomposite packaging containing Ag and ZnO on inactivation of Lactobacillus plantarum in orange juice. Food  Control 22(2011) 408-413                                                                                                                     

4. Fazilati M.  A. Badii, N. Nekoei, M, Shahedi and S. Badiei 2011. Effect of Consuming Zinc-Fortified Bread on Serum Zinc and Iron Status of Zinc-deficient Women. International. J. of Preventive Medicine V. 44, No.13.

5. Nafiseh Zamindar, Mohamad Shahedi Baghekhandan, Ali Nasirpour, Mahmoud Sheikhzeinoddin. 2011. Effect of line, soaking and cooking time on water absorption, texture and splitting of red kidney beans. J. of Food Sci. and Technol.

6. Sedaghati M., M. Kadivar; M. Shahedi and N. Soltanizadeh. 2011. Evaluation of the Effect of Fermentation, Hydrothermal Treatment, Soda, and Table Salt on Phytase Activity and Phytate Content of Three Iranian Wheat Cultivars. J. of Agric. Sci. and Technol.  V. 13,  Pp: 1065-1075

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8. Pourmohammadi K.,Aalami M.,Shahedi M.,Sadeghi mahoonak A. 2011. Effect of Microbial Transglutaminase on Dough Rheological Properties of Wheat flour supplemented with Hull-less Barley flour. J. of Food Research. 2011; 21(3):269-279                                                                                                     

9. Emamifar E. M. Kadivar, M. Shahedi and S. Soleimanian-Za 2010. Evaluation of Nanocomposite Packaging Containing Ag and ZnO on Shelf life of Fresh Orange juice. Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies.accepted.

10. Emamifar E. M. Kadivar, M. Shahedi and S. Soleimanian-Zad 2010. Preparation and Evaluation of Nanocomposite LDPE Films Containing Ag and ZnO for Food-Packaging Applications. Advanced Materials Research (Vol.129 - 131),pp 1228-1

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